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Loss is never easy. We’re generally not taught how to cope with death, relationship break-ups, or other major losses. Much of what we do learn about grief is false. So we’re at a loss to deal with loss!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. New Leaf Center will host its annual workshop series to teach healthy grieving. We’ll take participants through a five-week program based on The Grief Recovery Handbook by John W. James and Russell Friedman. The interactive sessions will guide clients in healing the incomplete emotional communication that causes grief.

In other words, what is left unsaid and undone between people fuels the heartache we feel when we lose them. It can be something you said that you wish you hadn’t. Or something you didn’t say that you wish you had. It may be something you did that you wish you hadn’t. Or something you didn’t do that you wish you had.

And the same can be true of the other person. You might wish he or she said or did some things they hadn’t. Or maybe you want that person to not have said or done things that they did.

Writing about the unsaid and the undone — and talking about it — helps heal the wounds. The more we address what’s incomplete in our relationships, the better we move through grief.

Overcoming Heartache: A Healthy Guide to Handling Life’s Losses will take place at New Leaf Center on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., starting on Feb. 22 and running through March 21, 2020. To register or get more details, call our office at (407) 644-8588.