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The process of recovery and healing from addiction and mental health issues is a challenging, yet rewarding journey. This journey requires time, effort and tenacity, but offers the rewards of hope, healing and a renewed sense of self. This process consists of certain components that collaboratively contribute to the success rate of the many individuals who are flourishing in recovery.

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a group of individuals meet to discuss problems and issues together under the supervision of a therapist. Issues may range from general social skills to anger management or relapse prevention. Under the guidance of the therapist, group members participate in a variety of exercises, process their feelings, and learn new interpersonal skills. Group therapy can help cultivate insight and awareness into one’s thoughts and behaviors as the individual receives feedback from other group members. It also provides a forum to model healthy behaviors and social skills.

A support group is one in which the individuals have common experiences or concerns and can offer one another emotional and social support. It is not facilitated by a therapist. Addiction and mental health issues can produce shame, loneliness and isolation; and support groups counter these painful feelings by offering support, acceptance and community. Twelve Step meetings or other support groups can offer hope and courage to those in recovery. They are a place where individuals can walk their journey with others on a similar path.

Both group therapy and support groups can be integral parts of the therapeutic process. In support groups, sponsorship, service and mentorship are strong reinforcements. In group therapy, the opportunity for offering and receiving support is provided. Individuals can be encouraged to find their voice or identify behaviors that may or may not work in their daily lives. Both types of groups can assist in shame reduction and an increase in self-worth, thus contributing to positive outcomes in recovery.

Your therapist can offer input as to what support system might be the most helpful for your treatment plan. Click here to find out more about group therapy at the New Leaf Center, or call our office at (407) 644-8588.

Patti Hall, M.S., LMHC, CAC, CSAT
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Certified Addictions Counselor
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist