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can sometimes think that if the addict gets help, everything will be okay

Addiction is a family disease and affects the addict’s family and extended family system, no matter the addiction. Partners of addicts can sometimes think that if the addict gets help, everything will be okay. Although it is beneficial for the addict to receive treatment, partners are affected in many ways that influence their own sense of self-esteem, worthiness, ability to trust others, and even personal and spiritual growth.

Sometimes the partner isn’t aware of the addiction until something brings it to light, such as an arrest for DUI or drug possession, discovery of an affair, or gambling debts. The addict will benefit from treatment for the addiction and related mental health issues. But whether or not the addict gets therapeutic help, the partner will benefit from dealing with his or her own life situations and feelings such as betrayal, anger, shame, sadness, distrust, and other emotions resulting from the addict/partner relationship.

The therapists at New Leaf Center are experienced in recognizing and treating addictions and in helping those who are affected by relationships with addicts. Our therapists provide information, treatment, and support resources to help partners of addicts break free from shame, fear, and isolation resulting from an addictive system.

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