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Overcoming Heartache Workshop

This workshop was incredibly powerful. I realized that most of my story revolves around running from grief. I learned a lot of tools to process grief and feel a lot lighter about moving forward in this journey, especially after losing my Dad.

Lauren C

The grief workshop helped me work through stuck grief about the death of my mother. It also gave me the chance to say all the things that I could never say to her or would not let myself say to her while she was alive. I am very grateful for the experience. It has helped me heal that relationship.

Alan T

I was able to get in touch with a life-long timeline of grief buried deep inside me. Although facing that grief was hard work, it was worth it!


To have a space for the unthinkable, avoidable, and unpleasant happenings in my life to rise out and lift me to freedom was such a gift. Thanks for the guidance.


It is amazing what you can accomplish without guilt and in the presence of empathy.


It is a powerful thing to be surrounded by people who accept and encourage your grief and are willing and eager to aid in your healing.


Very helpful. Uncovered unknown feelings.

David C

The New Leaf Grief Workshop is a great self-care workshop.


Group Counseling

Group CounselingSafe, Productive, Informative - Group Therapy programs that promote healing and recovery.


workshopsWorkshops and special counseling programs that provide clients with opportunities for greater insight and healing.

Treatment Programs

treatment programsIndividualized treatment programs formulated by caring, compassionate, experienced professionals who are there to support you through your process.

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