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Healing Your Past – Inner Child Workshop

Inner child…really? That’s what I thought initially. Little did I know she needed to be found so her voice could be heard.


The workshop series opened my eyes, my heart and my head to the powerful healing that can be done when you acknowledge and accept your inner child. I have been changed forever through this powerful workshop.


The 8-week Inner Child Workshop is a great start to or refresher for one’s inner child work. From introducing John Bradshaw’s concepts to providing opportunities for creativity, self-expression, reflection and interaction with others, the workshop packed a great deal of healing into a short-term time commitment. Definitely a value investment in oneself.


It was as if a whole new world was opened to me. The filter I had been seeing life through for all these years suddenly changed. I could see through the eyes of my children.


All our acting out behaviors are the result of the inner child acting out in our life. Treat the cause of our despair and dysfunction, rather than white knuckling, denying, and surviving through life. This Inner Child Workshop has let me confront for the first time in my life the most precious being my Higher Power intended for me – myself. The process, though sometimes emotionally painful and physically exhausting, has reached a beautiful conclusion – a window to a beautiful world I didn’t know existed, was opened, and a journey of a lifetime begins.

Sal J

I have come to learn that there are people who have studied a problem that plagues many, yet few of us know needs addressing. It has been wonderful to have guidance in this!

Jayson M

This is an absolute must for those who want to change their lives for the positive. This workshop helped me understand the unhealthy things I was doing and why.
Art E

I know I had unresolved trauma, resentments, emotional pain and addictions; but that knowledge was layered with shame and denial and confusion. The Inner Child Workshop helped me identify the source of my trauma and how to reclaim my original child. The workshop guided me in putting shame down, forgiving myself and my parents, and creating an opportunity for a new healthy balanced life.
Anne M

Getting in touch with my inner child has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time.

Phenomenal workshop. Patti and Jackie are very skilled and nurturing therapists. The workshop has definitely helped me grow and not be stuck in my past. I am grateful for having the opportunity to give this workshop to myself.


The inner child workshop gave me the pathway to truly love myself and accept my mistakes. More importantly to recognize when others are not acting in their adult!


As a child, I was damaged in a group of people growing up. As an adult, I am healing in a group of people who want to get well! My inner children came to life. We felt. We cried. We laughed. We healed, and we are still healing. Looking forward to creating and engaging life in a new way!


This workshop changed my life in a very profound and personal way. Jackie and Patti were beautiful and understood it all, and showed the love I have missed and know I can have! The group was amazing in their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Never have I felt so safe! Thank you with all of my heart!

For whatever reason, this workshop really touched a core part of my being that I didn’t even know needed to be healed. While reliving the pain of some of my past childhood trauma was almost unbearable, I feel like I gained some invaluable tools to continue to address these. I learned that the reason I don’t know how to communicate or express anger appropriately is because I was never taught. The Inner Child Workshop gave me some tools to begin to parent myself and learn how to live as a healthy integrated adult.


I would recommend this workshop series to anyone who identifies as an adult child and is seeking answers and wisdom.


The techniques, tools, love and support from this series has taken my program to a much deeper level. With this, I can build the confidence to re-parent my inner children.


The workshop provided powerful insight into how I’m motivated, what underpins my idiosyncrasies, and how I can grow. It shows me how much more accountable I need to be for myself.


Everyone in, or in need of, recovery needs to uncover and discover the child or children within longing to be seen. Until then, their recovery will remain superficial at best.


This was a fun, powerful and informative opening to what I now see more clearly…my inner child did not receive the needed nurturing; and, as a result, my relations have been lacking something.


Such a great workshop. Definitely a safe haven for one to work on one’s inner child.

David R.

I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is a great first step in understanding why you do things and you get tools to change.


This workshop was intense and invaluable! It has improved my relationships with those closest to me in my life. It has made me more aware of myself and my actions. It gave me hope for the future.


This workshop affected me more positively and more quickly than anything I’ve ever done.


A safe and meaningful way to explore your childhood self and learn ways to connect with him/her.


The Inner Child Workshop is a wonderfully powerful experience to understand and heal from the loneliness and pain many of us yearn to rid ourselves of.


A very safe and passive way to explore such a volatile part of my life. I was apprehensive at first, but soon looked forward to exploring even more as the workshop went on.


No way to move forward without reconciling the past… This workshop has safely guided me through many difficult childhood memories so that I can begin to experience now!


Everyone at some point in their adult life should do this workshop. I thought, ‘What have I got to lose?,’ and actually it gave me so much that I needed.


Truly a life changing workshop. Consider this a big step down the road to recovery.


I believe that every parent or anybody planning on being a parent should take this workshop. It puts you in touch with what you may have missed as a child and allows you to adjust to make sure you spend your time wisely nurturing your children.


For the first time in my life I was able to see how my current issues stem from core beliefs from my childhood.


I’m so glad I listened to my Higher Power on this one. The workshop was wonderful! Patti & Jackie were dynamic. They are the Ying Yang of inner childness. I strongly recommend this workshop. It was transformational.

Doug D.

If you ever feel yourself acting out not as an adult and do not understand why, if you are haunted by past thoughts, if you are having life changing events and do not understand why and if you want to live the rest of life in peace with an understanding – then I highly recommend this workshop.

Geo P

The Inner Child Workshop was a huge piece of my recovery. It helped me in a lot of different aspects of my program. It is a great tool to connect the different pieces of my program.

David B.

Life changing.  Hope releasing.


This changed my life and I feel more connected to myself than I ever have.


One great advantage for me in participation in this workshop was not only having the professional insight and wisdom from the counselors, but the eyes, ears, and hearts of my peer participants. Also, their experiences and insights were valuable for my own journey.

Nancy F

This program provided life changing insight and tools to live by. One of the best self-help programs I have seen or been through.


Great investment of my time, with such a profound return in my life.  Major life changing workshop.

Bill S

I ‘reached deep’ to start this experience. I had to really trust two very trustable people to risk myself and come. It has been the ‘safest’ risk with the greatest returns that I have been blessed to receive in my healing process. This is a remarkable process orchestrated with talent, safety, and grace.


Enlightening, real, raw, deep. Gets to the core. Starts a whole new path with a whole new you!


This workshop allowed me to safely be vulnerable in front of others and to realize that I wasn’t alone in the discomfort I’ve carried since childhood. Thank you so much!

Scott S

A wonderful workshop for anyone to attend. I feel like a stronger person and am so thankful to be a part of it. Thank you.


I had no clue what to expect, but after experiencing this workshop I can honestly say I’m sorry I put it off for so long. I’ve healed so much in such a short time. What a blessing to my life. Thank you so much!


A safe trusting environment where you can uncover pain, heal and learn to love yourself again.


I highly recommend this workshop as a means of exploring oneself on a deeper level, and being able to integrate fractured aspects through awareness of one’s inner child.

Dianne H.

Wonderful insight into the self. A must do for trauma/addiction/relationship healing.

David C.

In this workshop I became a carpenter and a locksmith. Starting by building a house from the foundation up. Reading the material I was given by Jackie & Patti, establishing a room in the house for a library to store my tools. Each week, going out and introducing myself to all my diversions (inner children), learning each of their names. Inviting each to come live in the house, to choose a room, and watch them decorate it for safety and comfort. Learning to hold the key to the house in my adult heart. Using my wise mind to open the front door. Learning to live in a loving home, anywhere I am. Thank you.


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