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Nothing brings out overdoing it with alcohol like the holidays. Family gatherings, holiday meals, parties in our homes and offices. Most of these seasonal activities center around sharing drinks with friends and family.

These celebrations can draw attention to those who don’t know when to quit. Close friends drink so much that you have to take their keys and give them a ride home. Family members drink to the point of getting angry and starting fights with other party-goers. Some may escape to a bathroom, back yard, or a private area of the house and overdo other drugs.

If a holiday event at home or at work highlights someone you know who has a drinking or drug problem, call New Leaf Center. Our therapists are experts at addressing substance abuse. We’ve been treating it for more than 30 years. We even have a weekly therapy group to help clients who want to stop their alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

Our counseling team guides clients in turning around their lives and healing their relationships. They don’t have to lose either to alcohol or drugs.