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Caitlin WoodsAdministrative Assistant

Caitlin Woods joined the New Leaf Center in May 2013 as an Administrative Assistant and is highly regarded by its clients. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in December 2016, and she plans to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She eventually hopes to integrate Animal-Assisted Therapy into her practice.

While at UCF, Caitlin has been a member of many psychology-related student organizations. She has served as Vice-President of the Psychological Society after a stint as the organization’s Event Coordinator. She also has been a Peer Educator at the on-campus counseling center, whose mission is to educate students and fight the stigma around mental illness.

Caitlin has led numerous events and presentations on a variety of topics related to mental health and higher education, and she has participated in numerous community service/volunteer events both on and off campus. As a Certified Safe Zone Advocate at UCF, she supports and serves as an ally for the LGBTQ+ community.

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